Summer blog.

My girls have started a summer blog.  They plan to document the entire summer and all the summers after this and then do a blog to book or something of the sort.  If you are interested and would like to take a peek at what they’ve come up with and just what they have planned for this summer click on this link….. 2012 Summer of Fun.  Zoe is pretty adamant that constant updates will be made, but we’ll see how gung ho she is mid summer.  It’s cute and it’s their creation, so enjoy.


Bishop, CA

This weekend was our annual Bishop, Ca trip to meet the Stewart family.  We spent the weekend enjoying family, watching the cousins at their swim meet, and kicking back.  It was easy, relaxing and pretty damn chill.

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Last night, a group of us went to the 51’s game and did a little tailgating before and after.  It was tons of fun. It was a late night hanging out in the Cashman Field parking lot, who knew that would be fun!   Way more fun than I anticipated, I’m hoping to do it again soon!

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Candy Making

The girls took their 2nd candy making class yesterday.  They made microwave hard candy lollipops that didn’t look all that pretty, but tasted really good.  I took a couple of pictures with my iphone, so the quality isn’t the best.   They were really good, I was actually a little shocked, because they were all black and clear…  but yum!  Give ’em a try.

Sleepover fun.

The girls had one of their good friends over for a sleepover.  Lots of running wild, swimming, Mini Grand Prix playing, decorating cupcakes, making pizza, movie watching, candy eating was had by all.  They were having so much fun, it was decided that Lauren had to stay the following night also.  Thanks Lauren for all the fun and occupying my monsters!!!  Angela and Tim, ignore all the junk food!!!  There was a bit of fruit thrown in there once in awhile!

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