Soccer, Soccer, Soccer!!!

Little Zoe took a season off, but has returned to soccer this month.  We are as busy as can be, but enjoying it.  She is finally with a new League, AYSO and we’re enjoying the organization and changes that have come with this new commitment.  Her first game was Saturday and the girls won 3 -0.  I’m not sure they have chosen a name for the team yet… so here’s to a good season with Team No-Name.  I’ve attached the schedule for family and friends that would like to come and watch!  snack schedule

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Insane in the Membrane

Tony and I are coaching Zoe’s soccer team this season, well mostly Tony…  He’s the coach and I’m the assistant coach.  Scary stuff, huh?  As if we don’t have WAY TOO much going on already.  I don’t think we are right in our heads, but it should be fun anyway!!!

Soccer, soccer, soccer…

The soccer season has started.   Tonight was our third practice of the season.  I’m not sure I’m ready for this, but here we go anyway.  One of the girls on the team, just got a new little baby brother,  so I had fun tonight holding him and taking random shots.  So this post is full of different odds and ends, some practice shots, but also shots of our soccer families watching practice.  For the most part, we have all been together for several soccer seasons, so they are all used to my shoving the camera in their faces.

Soccer Saturday

Today was Zoe’s last game of the season (thank goodness.)  They ended the season undefeated again, with Zoe scoring the first goal of the game!!!!  Two season’s in a row they have be undefeated.

We also had their end of the season party, got it all done in one shot.  We had a good time, but poor India is feeling icky and in bed for the night.  Hopefully, she will be up and around tomorrow.

Daisies win again

So far so good.  The Daisies are undefeated!  Today they played the Purple Pirates and won 2 to 0.