The Doors in the French Quarter.

While we were in New Orleans in April, I became somewhat fascinated by doors.  Not the band.  Front doors.  Yes, you heard that right… the front doors into people’s homes.  The French Quarter is beautiful in its own right.  The architecture and the look and feel, it’s really something to see.  It’s hard to capture ALL of it.  I’m not sure it’s possible, there’s just too much personality and flavor that can never really be captured as much as felt.  So I took with me what I could… pictures of doors.

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Weekly Photo Challenge

Between moving and vacation, I have fallen behind on EVERYTHING.  I’m catching up now though, slowly but surely.  Now that life is slowing down again, I decided to play along with the Shutterboo Weekly Photo Challenge. This week the challenge is the color Red.

Weekly Photo Challenge.

This week the Shutterboo Weekly Photo Challenge is the color white.  Once again, I decided to go for the obvious.  I skipped last week.  The challenge was fear and I just couldn’t come up with anything at all.  I took a peek at the other submissions and they were great, I probably should have tried harder… but I’m a lazy ass.

white [hwahyt, wahyt]-  of  the color  of  pure  snow,  of  the  margins  of  this  page,  etc.;  reflecting  nearly  all  the  rays  of  sunlight  or  a  similar  light.

Picture Pages

Photography for me.  I’ve been in a rut lately, so I decided to take random shots of random things.  Which is what I did last week.  Nothing too thrilling, but I like the way they turned out.  The simplicity of them struck me as interesting.

A first visit to a madhouse is always a shock.

Plug me in and turn me on.

Men want a woman whom they can turn on and off like a light switch.

light bulb- Sometimes shortened to: bulb. A glass bulb containing a gas, such as argon or nitrogen, at low pressure and enclosing a thin metal filament that emits light when an electric current is passed through it.

Weekly Photo Challenge

The lovely Brooke over at Shutterboo has a fun weekly photo challenge, that I plan on participating in… weekly.  My follow through lately has been horrible, which is why I say that reluctantly.   But I’m gonna, I promise.  So this week, mind you I’m already behind 3 weeks, but anyway, this week the challenge is colorful…  I know my shot isn’t all that creative, but I thought it was pretty, so I’m sticking with it.