The Color Run 2012

Yep.  It’s that time again.  Time for another race, but this one is different.  It’s called The Color Run and as it’s name states it’s colorful and crazy and there is no need to win or run as fast as you can.  It’s just about reaching the finish line with a cool group of people and getting as much color thrown at you as possible (goto the link and watch the video, it’s crazy.) I’m forcing my whole family to come.  Some friends and I have started a team- A Dash of Color, so if you are interested in joining us, follow the link and sign up.  We have people walking, running and even will have 4 kids so far coming along for the fun.  The race is for everyone and anyone, let me know if you plan to sign up.  I would like to set up a meeting spot and time so we can start the race together!


Welcome Baby Jones!

Having a child is surely the most beautifully irrational act

that two people in love can commit.– Bill Cosby

Congratulations to our wonderful friends, Abby and Mike on the birth of their beautiful daughter, Erin Marie Jones – 8lbs 8oz, 20 inches.  She was born at 8:55am today, exactly when she was due!  Right on time, just like her parents.  We are so happy for you and can’t wait to spend more time spoiling her rotten!!!!!

Random Fact Tuesday- Birthday Edition

The months of November and December are birthday central in our world.  Uncle Charlie is Nov. 2nd, India Nov. 6th, Michelley Nov. 16th, Ember Nov. 24th, Grandpa Nov. 27th, Zoe Nov.28th, Hollister Dec. 3rd, ME!!!! Dec. 4th, Kathy Dec. 4th, Grandma Dec. 18th, Lesley Lou Dec. 25th, and I can’t forget my little sister Christi on Jan. 1st.  Seriously, we do nothing but celebrate for 2 months.  It’s great and horrible at the same time.  You have to be rich to deal with all these parties and we are not made of money, but it’s fun and we get to spend a lot of time together and that makes it all worth it. So, this weeks Random Fact Tuesday is all about Birthday and families. Enjoy and Happy Birthday to my wonderful friends and family!  I love you very much and am lucky that you are all in my life.

  • It’s been mathematically proven that if there are 23 people in a room, there’s a 50% chance that two of them will share a birthday (it was on wikipedia so it must be true!
  • e people are born on the 5th of October than any other date? You guessed it – that makes the most common night of conception New Years Eve!
  • Before the invention of the calendar, only kings celebrated their birthdays as no records were kept on common people!
  • Birthday candles: In 18th-century Germany, birthday candles were first placed atop birthday cakes for Kinderfest (a celebration for children). Extra candles were added to represent “upcoming years” and consequently, good fortune.
  • In New Zealand: Birthday claps are given, where everyone claps a number of times to match the guest-of-honor’s age – with one more clap added in anticipation of next year.
  • Candle smoke: No definite origin, but there was a belief that candle smoke brought a person’s prayers up to the heavens. Thus, when a candle was blown out, the prayer was sent.
  • In China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong: Noodles are eaten in honor of a person’s birthday. The noodles are uncut and are made extra long to signify a long life.
  • When you strike a match and hold it to the candle wick, it melts the wax near the wick. The heat of the flame vaporizes the melted wax and produces carbon dioxide and water vapor.

I couldn’t find many birthday facts for this week, but I’ll leave you with a small (really small, the actual list is HUGE) handful of famous folks that share Nov. and Dec. birthdays with you!

  • Larry Flynt 11/1
  • Marie Antoinette 11/2
  • John F. Kennedy, Jr. 11/25
  • Miley Cyrus 11/23
  • Billy Idol 11/30
  • Sarah Silverman 12/1
  • Marisa Tomei 12/4
  • Ludwig van Beethoven 12/16
  • Brad Pitt 12/18
  • Humphrey Bogart 12/25
  • Anthony Hopkins 12/31

“That day, for no particular reason, I decided to go for a little run…

So I ran to the end of the road. And when I got there, I thought maybe I’d run to the end of town. And when I got there, I thought maybe I’d just run across Greenbow County. And I figured, since I run this far, maybe I’d just run across the great state of Alabama. And that’s what I did. I ran clear across Alabama. For no particular reason I just kept on going. I ran clear to the ocean. And when I got there, I figured, since I’d gone this far, I might as well turn around, just keep on going. When I got to another ocean, I figured, since I’d gone this far, I might as well just turn back, keep right on going.”

Forrest Gump

It was raining and really wet and I look crazy, but we did it.  We ran our first 5k.   Michelle ran ahead and was much faster than me, she’s a freaken’ speed demon.  I kept my pace and never stopped or slowed down and other than having some wet ass socks, it was a pretty easy run.  I was happy that we did it and look forward to the 6 Tunnels Run in March.   We’ll be splitting a half marathon on that one.  We can do it though.  I’m not worried about it.  We pretty much rock.  Just sayin’.

What a day!!

The Patton Family has had a wonderful Christmas!  We’re tired and full, but very very happy.  We had our Christmas morning at home and then went to my lovely sister Christi’s home.  Now off to cook our yummy prime rib roast.

I hope everyone’s Christmas was as wonderful as ours!!!

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Happy Birthday to one of my oldest and most favorite friends in the entire world!!!  I love and miss you oh so much Lesley Lou!  I hope you’ve had a wonderful 1st Christmas and 1st Birthday in Bend!!!!  I hate that your there and so far away, but love that you and Jeff and your beautiful babies are so happy!

Guest Bloggin’, Yo.

The lovely Jenna, over at Just Call Me J, asked me to put something together for her Christmas Blogging Extravaganza!  You should go take a peek.  Up until Christmas she’s posting all kinds of good things… from gift ideas you can make yourself to some cute Etsy stuff at really great prices.   I just purchased some cute wood ornaments for our Christmas tree, that she recommended.

My contribution to her wonderful world of Christmas, is up now.  I sent her my yummmmmmy recipe for easy peppermint bark, it’s so easy the kiddos made a second batch without any help from me at all.  Go look.  Dammit.

Hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful holiday season!

Baby Jack!

Congratulations to Julie and her beautiful family on the birth of little Jack born, July 24th.  He weighed 8.5lbs and was 20 inches long.   One of these pics Jules sent me and the others I stole off of her Facebook page.  Sorry Jules, I’m a thief.  I miss and love you and can’t wait to hold that beautiful little boy of yours!!!!

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