Zoe gets braces…

India got them last summer, this summer it’s Zoe’s turn.  She’s not liking them much at the moment, but she’ll get used to them.  A wire broke about 20 minutes after we got home and she was headed back for a repair…  It’s going to be a long 2 years with this one.  India hasn’t broken anything yet and she’s had them for a full year now!  So, we’ll see!  It’s gonna be interesting to see the change occur.  I think she’s excited about that part, but not at all about the maintenance.  Can’t blame her there!


Summer blog.

My girls have started a summer blog.  They plan to document the entire summer and all the summers after this and then do a blog to book or something of the sort.  If you are interested and would like to take a peek at what they’ve come up with and just what they have planned for this summer click on this link….. 2012 Summer of Fun.  Zoe is pretty adamant that constant updates will be made, but we’ll see how gung ho she is mid summer.  It’s cute and it’s their creation, so enjoy.