Random Fact Tuesday. Back to School Edition.

I’m here and there lately, never exactly where I should be.  Sorry for the lack of updates.  I’m trying.

This week, Random Fact Tuesday, is all about school.  The girls are back in and going strong and since my family is inundated with homework and books and homework and studying and homework and homework and homework…. I thought it would be appropriate.

  • The term “college” is from the Latin collegium meaning “community, society, guild” and, literally, “association of collegae”. It was first used to describe an academic institution in the late fourteenth century in relation to Oxford and Cambridge.
  • The majors with the best pay include Engineering, Economics, and Physics.
  • Yale selects a freshman class of 1,300 from nearly 20,000 applications each year.
  • *Approximately 480,000 yellow school buses carry 25 million children to and from school every weekday.
  • Costs associated with higher education constitute 3 percent of the gross national product
  • The nationwide safety record for the 25 million children who do not ride school buses to and from school each day.
    *448 fatalities in passenger vehicles with a teenage driver
    *169 fatalities in passenger vehicles with an adult driver
    *131 fatalities to pedestrians
    *46 fatalities to bicyclistsThe nationwide safety record for the 25 million children who ride the school buses to and from school each day.
    *5 passenger fatalities
    *15 pedestrian fatalities at school bus stops
  • 55.5 million is the projected number of students to be enrolled in the nation’s elementary through high schools (pre-kindergarten-12th grade) this fall.
  • As late as 1940, fewer than 1 in 20 adults held a B.A. degree. From 1945-2000, the number of B.A degrees awarded annually rose almost eightfold, from 157,349 to approximately 1.2 million
  • $83,144- Average annual 2008 earnings of workers 18 and older with an advanced degree. This compares with $21,023 for those without a high school diploma. In addition, those with a bachelor’s degree earned an average of $58,613 in 2008, while those with a high school diploma earned $31,283.
  • Harvard is the oldest college in the United States. It is also the first and oldest corporation in the United States.
  • 31.3 million- Average number of children participating each month in the National School Lunch Program in 2009.
  • Cecil Smith of Westlake, California, is the oldest known recipient of a General Educational Development (GED) degree. He dropped out of school in the 1920s and earned his degree some 80 years later at age 94. The youngest known high school and college graduate is Michael Kearney of Mobile, Alabama. He finished a home-school high school program at age 6 and at 10 earned a bachelor’s degree.
  • Not having a diploma isn’t necessarily a barrier to success, some notable high school dropouts include billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson, who owns Virgin Group, which includes Virgin Atlantic Airlines and the Virgin record label, the late Dave Thomas, former owner and founder of Wendy’s, one of the United State’s largest restaurant chains and former President Abraham Lincoln.
  • The U.S. schools with the highest rates of students who graduate in four years are St. Francis Medical Center College of Nursing in Peoria, IL (100%); Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA (94%); Davidson College in Davidson, NC (92%); College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA (92%); and Haverford College in Haverford, PA (91%).
  • Fifty-four percent of full-time students at two- and four-year colleges last year were female.
  • Three celebrities who graduated as valedictorian of their high school class include parody musician Weird Al Yankovic, model Cindy Crawford and country musician Emmylou Harris.

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