Back to School Baby!

August 29, 2011- The first day of school.  I remember that feeling the night before my many first days of school and I was crazy excited.  My kids, notsomuch.  Actually, quite the contrary, they seem rather annoyed and inconvenienced. I now have a 5th grader and a 7th grader, so it could just be the ages and that they’re girls.

Zoe is taking the bus WAY across town this year and WAY WAY earlier than most. She wanted to  finish her elementary years off at the school she’s been going to since 1st grade.  India’s school is not too far away, but just far enough to be bussed.  It’s a new school for her, but she already has a couple of friends and I’m hoping that she meets some more living in our new neighborhood now that school has started.  I didn’t get pictures of them together this year, because of the difference in when they need to wake up, but here they are in all their glory!

Zoe – Age 10 5th Grade

India-Rose – Age 12 7th Grade

To all those kiddos out there heading back to school today, good luck, I hope today is wonderful and starts your school year off right.  Good luck to Michaela Sorrentino on her first day at Rancho High School!!!  Can’t wait to here all about it!!!!


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