Weekly Running Results.

Kicking butt and taking names or taking names and kicking butt, whatever it is, we’re doing it.  I think all three of us, Michelle, Kelly, and I have far exceeded our expectations this month.   The group goal is 35 miles in 31 days and I have a personal goal  of 40.  It’s the 17th of the month and I am at 34.85, far ahead of where I expected to be and I feel amazing.  So here is my summary of the past week-

January 11th- 4.02 miles

January 13th- 3.39 miles

January 15th- 4.16 miles

Total for the week- 11.57 miles

I was hoping to stick to 14 miles per week, but this week I had to take a two day break due to soreness and overall laziness!  I started the week with a great run today, 4.28 miles.  I’m hoping to hit 5 by the weekend.

I’m behind on just about everything else.  It seems I am only able to focus on one thing at a  time and right now that’s running.

Thanks again to my Michelley, I don’t think I would have kept this up if it wasn’t for our friendly little competition and for all the support you throw my way!  *Reminder-  Michelle and Kelly, we are close to our dinner and drinks night… start thinking about where you guys wanna go… preferably some place that has alcohol in stock and one that isn’t prone to fires.*


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