A Running Fool.

I’m on a mission.  I have been for a bit, but it’s gotten more consistent as of lately.  I’ve been a running fool.   The big motivator has been my lovely friend Michelle and Kelly a friend of hers, who are pushing me to get off my butt.  The first challenge was 15 miles in 14 days, over the holiday break, which we did crazy good and bypassed the 15 miles before the end date with no problem.  Michelle came in 1st place at 19.35 miles and I followed pretty close behind at 17.45 miles.  WAAAAAAY better than I expected.  We are averaging over 2 miles per day with a day or two here and there for rest.  We are planning on running the Henderson District Libraries Read and Run for your Health 5k on February 19th.  If anyone is interested in joining us for that run or any of the others, please let me know and I will send you a list of our plans.  Our running schedule is pretty full for the entire next year, hopefully ending with the Las Vegas Marathon in December.

Our challenge for January, is 35 miles in 31 days (I set a personal goal of 40 miles in the same time period.)  I don’t see this as a problem for any of us.  We kicked butt on that last challenge, this one isn’t that much harder.

I plan on posting my results here, weekly.  That way if the Nike+ website sucks for the millionth time. I will have my info available. So here is the info for our new challenge.  I will be posting every Monday for the previous week, not including Monday…. that makes sense, right?  Anywhooooo…..

January 1st-  2.37 miles

January 2nd- 2.49 miles

So here’s to the start of a healthy and fit year!!!!  Thanks Michelle, I needed this and am happy I am doing it with you!!!!


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