Random Fact Tuesday- Christmas Edition…. again.

  • Witches and Evil spirits are the greatest broom thieves. The Norwegians once believed that witches and devious spirits were likely to steal their brooms on Christmas Eve. Who knows maybe a mischievous prankster stole a few brooms during that period and the legend stuck.
  • Leftovers can sometimes be your enemy. Spoilt leftovers are responsible for 400,000 cases of post Christmas associated illnesses.
  • It was once believed that any woman who went under a mistletoe and was not kissed would not marry the coming year.
  • Christmas was illegal in England from 1647-1660. This was enforced by the then leader Oliver Cromwell who believed it was immoral to hold celebrations on one of the holiest days of the year. The celebration of Christmas was therefore a criminal offence which could lead to an individual being arrested if he or she was found guilty of condoning any revelry during the period.
  • Forego throwing out your Christmas tree and make it lunch. The Evergreen is actually edible, well most parts of it anyway. In addition, it is nutrient enriched, so if you take the advice stated previously you’d be getting a good source of Vitamin C and roughage. Don’t mind that you will be eating a tree; it’s just one step away from any other vegetable.
  • Kris Kringle really lives in the North Pole. But guess what he foregoes the reindeer and drives a 1984 Ford Tempo, additionally; he delivers Pizza instead of working in a magical toy shop.
  • The first decorated Christmas tree was in Riga, Latvia in 1510.
  • Christmas trees remove dust and pollen from the air.
  • For anyone keeping count, Ralphie, in the movie A Christmas Story, says he wants the Red Ryder BB Gun 28 times throughout the course of the movie.
  • Electric lights for trees were first used in 1895.
  • The poinsettia plant was brought into the United States from Mexico by Joel Poinsett in the early 1800’s.
  • In 1843, “A Christmas Carol” was written by Charles Dickens in just six weeks.
  • More diamonds are sold around Christmas than any other time of the year.
  • Rudolph” was actually created by Montgomery Ward in the late 1930’s for a holiday promotion. The rest is history.
  • In 1836, Alabama became the first state in the USA to declare Christmas a legal holiday. In 1907, Oklahoma became the last USA state to declare Christmas a legal holiday.
  • The actual gift givers are different in various countries: England: Father Christmas, France: Pere Noel (Father Christmas), Germany: Christkind (angelic messenger from Jesus), she is a beautiful fair-haired girl with a shining crown of candles, Holland: St Nicholas,  Russia: In some parts – Babouschka (a grandmotherly figure), other parts it is Grandfather Frost. Scandinavia: A variety of Christmas gnomes. One is called Julenisse.  Spain and South America: The Three Kings  Italy: La Befana (a kindly old witch)
  • An artificial spider and web are often included in the decorations on Ukrainian Christmas trees. A spider web found on Christmas morning is believed to bring good luck.

I hope everyone is getting their shopping done and enjoying some quality time with family.  Don’t forget to go take a peek at Jenna’s Holiday smorgasbord when ya get a chance… great recipes, DIY fun stuff, and gift ideas.



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