A Visit with Grandma.

Oh my grandma.  I love love love love her so much.  I don’t get to see her very often.  She lives in Virginia and I haven’t made the trip out in quite a while, but she’s here  on occasion to visit my dad.  Which is why we FINALLY got to spend some time with her this weekend.  HEAVEN I tell ya.  It was nice to just sit back and talk and watch the kids run wild.  Which is exactly what they do at my dad’s house.  He’s got quite a bit of land in Pahrump, a pool and a pool house (which doubles as a club house for my kids), a big pond with fish and little frog things, and two cute little dogs.  So, I had tons of time to just catch up and enjoy my grandma’s company.  Thanks grandma for the visit, it was so nice to see you again and finally.  I love you.

I didn’t take many pictures and the ones I took weren’t very good, which is really annoying.  I just wasn’t paying much attention when I was taking them… oh well.  At least it’s something.


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