Halloween love.

We are HUGE fans of Halloween.  Behind my birthday, seriously it’s one the best holidays of all.  You get to dress and act way younger than you are and scare the living shit out of the neighborhood kids.  I think we accomplish this already without the costumes, but so be it.  Tony’s rule has ALWAYS been that if the costume isn’t scary, you’re just playing dress up and that’s just plain unacceptable.  So, both girls are quite aware that being a girly girl on this holiday just won’t cut it.

This year Zoe has bounced back and forth between Ronald Reagan from the dead and Gumby, the Eddie Murphy SNL gumby… which doesn’t seem all that scary, but seriously the fact that this was her choice without any influence from us, is a tad scary in itself.  So in our confusion, the costume she finally stuck with, Gumby, was approved.

India informed us that she would like to dress as a cheerleader… which obviously wouldn’t fly in our house.  Tony’s response was immediately, “a cheerleader from the dead?”, India agreed knowing that she didn’t have much of a choice.  Luckily, she is the most laid back kid in the universe and pretty much ALWAYS goes with the flow.

Tony and the girls decided to decorate the yard like a scene from plants vs. zombies, a game that they are all ridiculously addicted to.  It’s very much their drug of choice at the moment.  Although, I’m not convinced that this will ever be accomplished as Halloween is a little over a week away and all they have done is purchased supplies.

Their intentions are always good, but they lack any motivation to actually do the work.  This isn’t unusual in my house.  We love Halloween and always have big plans to go “all out”, but wait until the absolute last minute and then end up throwing crap together.  The house is always put together, but not how we originally planned.  A few years ago, Tony and I took the day off to decorate and ended up having sushi for lunch and then taking a long nap instead.  A prime example of our lack of follow through and/or motivation.

Hopefully, I will have some cool, scary plants vs. zombies, yard all decorated, pictures to post next week… if not, you’ll just get to some cute ass pictures of  my kids dressed up all scary like and dammit you’ll like it…. or else.  Don’t worry about it, remember… I have absolutely no follow through.


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