Create your own. oy vey.

I’m in the process of deciding what to do about a website.  Just so you know, it’s not easy to figure out.  At least for me…..  but a couple of Flickr friends were nice enough to share their experience.  Nicole and Brian both recommended a group called BluDomain, they said that  it’s easy to use and relatively cheap.  I’ve been exploring my options for some time, but I think I’ve settled on BluDomain to help me out.  There’s a lot of ‘do it yourself’ work, but it doesn’t seem difficult and they offer help at a moments notice.  I called their ‘contact us’ number and immediately spoke with someone, asked my million questions and the operator was patient and kind and didn’t miss a beat.  All of my questions were answered (as of now) and I feel good about them based on the word of mouth I’ve received and their rep that I spoke to this morning.  It’s definitely a good start, that’s for sure.

I’ll let you know more as I finalize my decision.

Just thought I would share, I know there are others who are looking to get their name out there without spending a fortune.


4 thoughts on “Create your own. oy vey.

  1. A friend who shoots professionally here in Louisville uses ProPhoto Blogs. She’s changed hers a few times over the years but I really like how this one turned out.
    Her site

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