Project 365

Wow!  I haven’t posted any 365 shots for a bit, so this is a biggie.  oops.  I’m leaving a couple of days out because they were recipes I posted earlier…. not that you all pay that close attention.  I’m just sayin’.

Hangin’ with my Homeys- 238 of 365


New additions- 239 of 365


Work and fun all at the same time240 of 365


Goodnight little birdie- 241 of 365


Sassy pants- 242 of 365


Little man- 245 of 365


The season is changing- 246 of 365


Oh hi.- 247 of 365


Goodbye Summer- 248 of 365


asth·ma [az-muh, as-]- 249 of 365

Pathology  . a  paroxysmal,  often  allergic  disorder  of  respiration,  characterized  by  bronchospasm,  wheezing,  and  difficulty  in  expiration,  often  accompanied  by  coughing  and  a  feeling  of  constriction  in  the  chest.

The school called 911 yesterday because of Zoe’s asthma. Talk about panic. She’s fine. Had a breathing treatment and her pill and she’s playing/fighting with her sister like nothing happened. She’s breathing better now, no wheezing at all, but it’s a good reminder of how fast things can change.  I definitely need to pay closer attention.


2 thoughts on “Project 365

  1. really love the camera photograph. These are awesome and make me miss summer. oh how it will be a long winter. wah.

    These are gorgeous and i love the toning and muted-ness of them. you rock woman!!

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