Sayre, Oklahoma

Last weekend the family rushed to Oklahoma.  Not for fun, but because Tony’s grandmother passed away.  It was a sad time and reason for a visit to Oklahoma, but it was pretty great to spend some time with family that Tony hasn’t seen in awhile and the girls and I had never met.  What we found was a group of wonderful, loving and kind hearted family that welcomed us in with open arms.  They’re hospitality was overwhelming.  They let the kids run a muck.  They showed us around the gigantic Patton family farm and told stories that Tony barely remembered and some he had never heard.  It was a sad event that brought us together, but it was nice to meet them all.  It was a good reminder of how important family is. Sometimes life kind of gets in the way and you forget about the good stuff.  We won’t let that happen again.

Thank you Patton family for welcoming us and wanting us there and sharing your home and your hearts with us.  We love and miss you all already!

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