The First Day of School

It’s the first day of school yet again. This year is much harder than last.  India is now in Middle School.  6th grade.  My head hurts, probably because I cried at the bus stop, but whatever.  I felt like I was just tossing her out on her own.  It’s a crazy thing motherhood.  The need to protect and shelter, but still allow them to grow and learn on their own.  It’s not easy.  I know she’ll be fine.  I know she’ll find her classes and when she can’t she’ll ask for help.  I know there will be teachers and staff to push them in the right direction….  She’ll figure out.  That’s what we do. That’s what I did.  But those thoughts don’t make today any easier.  It’s just another reminder that my baby is growing up.

Little Zoe is going into the 4th grade this year.  She’s at the same school and has her 2nd grade teacher as her 4th grade teacher.  She’s excited and ready to go.  Not nervous in the slightest.  She’s confident and annoyed that we haven’t left the house yet.  She’ll have a great year, I know it.  She’ll make it a great year.  That’s what she does.  Goes in feet first and ready to fight!  This year she’s a little different.  She has her own little style to match her new-found confidence.  She doesn’t have India with her and maybe that’s where the change is coming from.  It’s cool to watch and wonder what will come of her first year alone at school.

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2 thoughts on “The First Day of School

  1. what a but of fashionistas! I love Zoe’s first day of school outfit. can I get that hat? lol

    my niece just started 8th grade & I called her that day to see how it was (& wish her a happy 13th!) and she said she got lost because its in a different hall and her ‘team’ classrooms are scattered. Middle School was rough for me, hated it but it made me strong & it allows you to find your voice and who you are. Probably because EVERYONE (guys & girls) are hormonal and crazy that it’s a big hormonal, crazy, cranky little world.

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