Summer time update

We are BUSY.  It’s seems like we always have something going on right now.  We are in the process of fixing up the house a little bit.  Need a new tub and some ceiling repair, so that’s on the plan to start this weekend.  We also found an old, a really old puppy doodle last week, which looks as if he’s staying on for the duration of his life.  He’s 15 or so and has some health issues.  So, Gizmo, as he’s called, is heading to the vet this weekend for some maintenance stuff.  He’s hanging out with the mother-in-law two houses down.  Thank goodness she’s an animal lover like us.  Thanks Mom-o!!!!  The girls started piano lessons this week.  Fun stuff.  They do seem to like it and it gets them out of the house, which is great because we are all getting on each others nerves.   Way too much mother-daughter time lately, I kid!!  Lesley Lou is coming in town this weekend and I would like to see her as much as I can in between her busy schedule and mine.  I’m in the middle of the worst audit of all time at work.  Seriously it’s kicking my butt.  We still need to fit in my parent’s cabin in Duck creek, fishing and relaxing and also a trip to Pahrump to see my dad and Kathy.  Last but not least, in 32 days we are heading to San Clemente with Tony’s sister and her family for 8 days of beach and pool and some exploring.

The summer is flying by, I hope everyone is enjoying it as much as we are.

In other news, a long long long time friend of the family Joe Burgess was in the news recently and I thought I would share… He is one of the coolest guys you’ll ever meet. Seriously. I grew up with he and his family always in our life.  We hung out in their pond and caught tadpoles and ran wild.  His boys and I were crazy and wild and just had a blast together.


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