Random Fact Tuesday

Random crap again… yep I know.  I can’t help it… I like them.

  • Horses cannot breathe through their mouth. If their nostrils become obstructed, they could suffocate.
  • Outside North and South America, the only alligators found in the wild are in China
  • The 1970’s comedy movie ‘Airplane’ is actually a remake of the 1950’s disaster movie ‘Zero Hour’. The plot and a lot of the dialog are identical in both movies.
  • A National Weather Service study indicated that more than eight out of every ten people injured or killed by lightning were men.
  • When you pick up a common “pine cone,” you’d be correct to refer to it as “she,” since these brown, seeded cones are all female.
  • Early basketball rules called for a jump ball to occur after the scoring of each field goal.
  • The average CD can hold 74 minutes’ worth of music. That unusual length was determined by Sony’s president, who decided that a single CD should be able to contain the longest recorded version of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony.
  • Louis Armstrong played the trumpet so much that he got callouses on his lips so he cut them off with a razor blade.
  • The creator of the iPod first shopped his idea (without success) to Philips and RealNetworks before Apple agreed to market the device.

2 thoughts on “Random Fact Tuesday

  1. I LOVE your random information because I love random information to learn about. Makes great conversation when people don’t believe you and findout your right. It’s the best “told you so stuff”

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