Random Fact Tuesday

It’s that time again…. Random bullshit, brought to you by me oh my, found in Mental Floss magazine.

  • Founding fathers George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were both redheads.
  • The string attached to boxes of animal crackers were originally placed there so that the container could be hung from the branches of a Christmas tree.
  • The act of snapping one’s fingers has a name. It is called a “fillip.”
  • Due to the “naughty” dancing of the can-can girls, and the scantily clad models on 1800s French postcards, the British equated anything risqué with France. In fact, that’s how the phrase “pardon my French” entered the vernacular.
  • Only pharaohs were allowed to eat mushrooms in ancient Egypt.
  • Karl Marx once served as a European correspondent for The New York Tribune.

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