Summertime and the livin’s easy…

The end of the school year is upon on us!  Yay for summer and swimming and being home and enjoying the monsters… before the fighting begins….  I’ll be working from home a couple of days out of the week again this year, thanks to my kick ass boss… and no she doesn’t read my blog.  The girls will not have to goto daycare, as my pretty great mother-in-law will be watching the girls when I’m not here.  So no daycare costs and the girls can actually enjoy their summer.

I keep ’em busy though.  They have activities…. the first half of the summer they will be taking a candy making class, the second half piano lessons.  India is also taking a reading course at UNLV to get her ready for Jr. High… yes, Jr. High… let’s not get into those details just yet.  I get nauseous just thinking about it.

We plan on taking in the lake a few times here and there, maybe renting a house boat for a few days just for kicks.  There’s also my parent’s cabin at Duck Creek and my dad in Pahrump.  We also, as with every year, will be heading to Bishop,  CA for the neices… Clara, Lissie, and Sophie’s swim meet.  Which makes for a relaxing, calm, easy-going, fun, did I say relaxing already… weekend.  We plan to visit Tony’s family in Sayre, Oklahoma.   I think, closer towards the end of the summer, the girls are sooo crazy excited to get out there.  Tony went once this year and took some great pictures of the family farm and their cousins and family we haven’t met.

I reallly really NEED to get out to Hood River to see my Julie Schmulie at some point and hold that soon to be born little baby!  Now that Lesley has moved in that direction, I can kill two birds with one stone!!!

So there it is… our summer in a nutshell.  Busy and fun.  No big trips, just a few little ones to keep us busy.  I hope everyone is ready for the heat and if you’re coming to Vegas at some point let me know…. HINT HINT Grandma!


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