Spring Break 2010

I know, I’m late.  Lots going on this week.

So, for Spring Break we took a short cheap cruise to Ensenada, Mexico and Catalina Island.  We stayed in San Diego one night at the beginning of the trip and then at the end we stayed near Magic Mountain for one day and headed on home.  Note to self- Never go to Magic Mountain at the end of Spring Break!!!!  We had a lot of fun.  It was an easy going, relaxing trip.  Can’t complain!

We are still trying to decide what’s going on this summer.  For sure, we are going to Oklahoma to visit Tony’s family and let the girls run crazy on their farm, but we want to do something else, just haven’t decided what.

I hope everyone had a little break and some time off.

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4 thoughts on “Spring Break 2010

  1. I am in love with your photography denise. You capture a unique look/perspective in most of it. It is absolute eye candy to flip through your stuff– totally NOT crap. and your children are gorgeous, just like you. simply gorgeous.
    I wish we were still close, but so goes life. i believe that once a friend always a friend. we just go into sleep mode while not in direct contact.

    have a good one.

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