School Days


We are in the process of applying to Magnet Middle Schools for India.  Scary stuff.  I’m not looking forward to her being in middle school, but she is really excited.  We toured one of the middle schools on Friday and it was quite impressive and much less scary that I was expecting.  India looked a little nervous, but in the end, was hoping that school would be the one she would get into.  I think it’s because that’s the one most of her friends are trying to get into also, but that’s okay.  I can understand needing and wanting that extra support during such a dramatic change.  It’ll be interesting to see what’s to come.


Little Zoe has had a really great school year.  She’s loving her 3rd grade teacher and class and really doing a great job.  This month she was Student of the Month and was invited to lunch with the Principle.  She also received wonderful marks in the GATE program (Gifted and Talented Education Program.)  I’m really proud of how hard she works and how dedicated she is to doing a good job.


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