U N L V… Go Fight Win!!!!

Went to the UNLV vs. Utah game tonight.  It was a fun fun fun time.  UNLV lost 69 to 73, but it was close throughout.  Lots of people screaming and yelling and totally getting into it.  Very contagious.  It was Zoe’s first time at a college basketball game and she loved it.  She’s very much into sports, so it was about time we took her to a game.  We all had our UNLV reds on and I painted Zoe’s face and nails.  She was seriously into it and she was soooooooo hoping to get on camera… I’m not sure why she thought that would happen, but anyway it was a good time.  I’m guessing this will be the first of many.

…and the last shot is from Tony’s cell phone, it’s the only one we could get his mom in!


One thought on “U N L V… Go Fight Win!!!!

  1. a nice set of shots Denise, some great family memories. My girl just got on the basketball team at school and has been watching college basketball on the TV, we must try get her to a game;) x

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