Project 365

So far so good, I haven’t missed a day!!!!  Some days are definitely better than others in the photography department, but at least I’m still doing what I set out to do.  I know I need to take a picture a day, so I start early thinking and looking and paying attention to everything around me.  I have some planned theatrical shoots in the planning works… slowly with my wonderful and talented and patient friend Lesley.  Hopefully, we can get our shit together and round up the props and models and get it going!!!!  I’m really excited and inspired and just can’t wait to see what else we can come up with once we put our heads together!!!! Thanks Les!!!!!  Hey, if there are any volunteers to dress up and play along as models for us… can’t say they will be flattering shots, but it should be fun… anyway if you’re interested in playing along and doing a little acting, let Lesley or I know!!!

Bench Monday- Cozy Slippers- Day 6

Getting Old Dammit- Day 7

Stars, Just Cuz. – Day 8

Tradition- Day 9

Santa Shell – Day 10

– Day 11

Lemon Tree very pretty…- Day 12


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