Evil Oreo



Our crazy cat Oreo got bit by something this past weekend.  It looked kind of icky, but I was able to clean it a little and it didn’t look  too bad… until this morning.  She looked really bad, I assumed it was infected.  I took her to the vet this afternoon and sure enough, she was not doing so good.  Oreo is not the most cooperative cat and the last time she went to the vet, they asked that we not return again unless it was an emergency.  I took her in this afternoon, in order to look at her they had to sedate her.  They sure enough found two big puncture wounds, like something bit her and some serious infection.  She’s home now, cleaned up, and pissed at the world, but she’s feeling better than she was this morning… poor mean kitty.

Oreo ran off to hide after the visit to the vet, so the picture I got is pretty bad as she’s in the girl’s dark closet behind all their clothes.  I know she looks pretty bad, but as rough as she’s looking, she’s going to be fine…  it’s just going to take a little bit of time and us keeping her wound clean and her in the house.


5 thoughts on “Evil Oreo

  1. Maybe you should post about the panic attack you had when her head started shooting green puss and how you called me screaming unintelligibly on the phone and how I thought the cat’s skull had split open and that she was dying in your lap on the way to the vet.

  2. Cole you have no idea… it was insane!!! I put her in a box and she kept pushing the top with her head to get out and the pressure from doing that popped the abscess on her head so the green stuff would shoot at my window. I called Tony screaming and crying, I was so out of control I couldn’t hear him and he didn’t understand what the problem was. I didn’t know what the green stuff was, I thought it was her brain. It was an awful experience.

    I’m prone to panic attacks anyway, but even a normal, sane person would have freaked at that moment!!!!!!

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