1st Day of School… again.


We just got back from Jamaica yesterday and the girls had to wake up this morning and head to school.  Can you believe that I have a 3rd grader and a 5th grader!!!!!  Holy crap!  It’s insane.  Both of them we’re really excited and nervous when I dropped them off, I wasn’t allowed to leave until the bell rang.  They wanted me there for that but they wanted nothing to do with me this morning while they were getting dressed, go figure.  They are now merging into the stage of having their own personal style… India is a complete girlie girl and Zoe is sporty and completely HATES any “girlie colors”.  Luckily, they have to wear uniforms and can’t get too crazy.



I haven’t gone through the vacation pictures yet, I will start posting them tomorrow, I hope!!!  This was a more important day anyway… I’m still shocked at how big they both are.  They are growing to fast and today was a reminder of that!  😦


India and her new 5th grade teacher Mrs. Swain


Zoe and her new 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Wehde


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