Something Interesting…

I’m sure most of you have heard about the battle between John Stewart and Jim Cramer, but if you missed the infamous episode when Cramer was a guest on The John Stewart Show, than here it is.  It’s definitely a must see.  The John Stewart Show is a Tivo Season Pass must in my house, we never miss one and this episode is the BEST.  John Stewart makes Jim Cramer eat some serious deserved sh**.  It’s pretty impressive.


3 thoughts on “Something Interesting…

  1. I was very impressed by how well prepared Jon was for this interview and how ill-prepared Jim Cramer was. Cramer almost looked like he might start crying.
    I too watch The Daily Show every day. 🙂

  2. John was spectacular… articulate and straight to the point, no bullshitting whatsoever. He knew what he wanted to say and didn’t flub it up at all. I actually felt bad for Jim Cramer for a bit, but he knew going on that show what to expect… he should have been more prepared and ready to defend himself.

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