The people have spoken…

And it’s about damn time.


The majority of the country voted for a change.  Obama is the next President of the United States.  We agreed with his views, determined he was the better candidate, and placed our votes.  That’s what this country is about.  This is a historic time for Americans and I am proud of what occurred tonight and I can honestly say that I haven’t felt that way for quite some time.  It was disappointing to hear the horrible things that were said about Obama and that many believed the absolutely ridiculous rumors that went around.  I was actually convinced that because of those words, he would not become president.  But I was wrong… thank goodness.  Obama continuously stood strong and ran a clean campaign, without dragging his opponent through the mud, regardless of how dirty they played.  He ran his campaign for the people and the country.  Now, here we are and here he is.  It’s a good time and I’m happy and proud to say that my candidate will be the 44th President!!!!!!

For those that don’t agree, he will prove you wrong… just wait.  This guy is for real, you’ll see.


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