Boring Me.

I haven’t posted a thing in a week or so… but I seriously have had nothing to say.  At all.  Which is weird because normally I can talk just about anything, just for the fun of it.  I’m very dull this week.  I have been really really busy at work. I’m learning new stuff.  It’s okay,  not what I signed on to do, but they’re paying me, so I’ll do the work.

Sunny (our golden retriever) needs surgery again, this time the other shoulder.  It’s pretty sad, she’s only 2 and she limps a lot.  I just feel bad, but hopefully this next surgery will get rid of the pain.  She’s such a great dog.  I just want her to live a happy, long, pain free life.

We finished planning and booking hotels for our trip to Northern California.  We are ready to go.  The kids are excited.  10 days.  We are doing a serious count down now! Yay!!!!

On a very sad note, Michelle and her family lost their very special puppy Nickle Pickle.  He’s been part of their family for a long time and loved so very much.  Sorry guys, we know how much you loved him and how much you’ll miss him.  I’m thinking about you all.


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