It’s been a busy couple of weeks and once again I’m behind on everything. I owe some people call backs and e-mails and my house looks like a bomb went off. I’m so very tired and very annoyed with everything right now. I was out of town for work, but am back and playing catch up. I did manage to fit in some random pictures the past week or so. So here ya go…. Hey, right now, it’s all I’v e got!

The above are all from California while I was working and the rest are random shots from 4th of July at our friends house. (yes, that is me jumping on the bed at the hotel. I know it’s seriously dorky, but it made me laugh so I had to post it!!!!!)

I can’t even get my pictures centered. I’m very annoyed with this, but I’m tired and going to bed. I’ll try to deal with it tomorrow. I hope everyone had a great weekend.


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