Take a step back.

I have a serious space issue.  I have noticed more so recently and the older I get, the worse I get.  As soon as someone is too close to me, my entire body tenses up.  I don’t like random people touching me.  Family and friends, that’s one thing, but anyone else… take a step back.  I hate when I’m in line somewhere and I can feel the person’s breath behind me on my neck or hair…. too close.  Way too close and completely unnecessary.  Arms length is okay, but two arms, now were talking.  It’s not just when they are close to me either, it’s my family also.  When they invade my space or I feel they are invading my family’s space I get all panicky.  Even just talking about it now, I get all annoyed and jittery.  I think I’m just crazy.  I wonder what I will be like when I am actually old.  Is this just the beginning of the end?  They, whomever they is, say that as you get older your neuroses get worse… I’m in trouble if that’s true.


3 thoughts on “Take a step back.

  1. Ohhh, doesn’t that make you crazy?!?! That happened to me just yesterday at the post office. I would step forward to give myself space from the lady behind me — (I had room to step because I gave the guy in front of me plenty of space) — and she would take it as an invitation to scoot up right into my elbow. We danced this little dance at least four times. Thankfully, my turn in line came before I had to choke her.

  2. I’m pretty much the same way. That’s why I hardly ever go to places like Target or the mall. People just have no respect for another person’s personal space anymore… 😦

  3. Hi Denise, good to hear from you (at least I am assuming the Denise that left me a comment is you). I am so with you on the space thing. I hate it when the person behind me is standing entirely too close to me, so I take a step forward, and they take a step forward…ugh!
    Your daughters are gorgeous. I still remember when I came with Lesley to visit you and India was just a baby!

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