Cause for Celebration…

Yay to the end of school and the beginning of summer for the girls!!! We spent this past weekend in Laughlin, Nevada. I know, it seems like a strange place to take the kids, but seriously they love it. We spent hours and hours by the pool, went to the movies and just goofed around all weekend long. It was fun and relaxing and a nice weekend getaway. We celebrated India raising all of her grades, every subject, but especially math and Zoe’s straight A’s. They both had a pretty tough year and were ready to say goodbye.  The good thing is that they are still excited for next year and even though they struggled a bit, they still love school.


One thought on “Cause for Celebration…

  1. Yeah for the end of the year school celebration! You are such a good mommy!!

    My memories of Laughlin are sitting in some arcade looking out a window at the paddlewheel boat. I bet that place has changed a lot since I’ve been there. Everytime I come home, I freak at the growth, traffic and HEAT!

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