You deserve a ticket…

I bought these a few weeks ago because they made me laugh.  Actually, I bought them for a friend of mine because I knew she would laugh with me.  I know it’s mean… but holy hell, some people, I swear, don’t look in the mirror before leaving the house.  Maybe I’m just getting old, but the stuff girls and woman for that matter, are wearing lately.  It could just be that I’m getting old.  I accept that.  I still can’t help smiling when I see it.  We all need a good laugh here and there.


2 thoughts on “You deserve a ticket…

  1. HA!!! Excellent… I see “wrong size” is listed, but Cole and I always refer to too-small clothes, where things hang out when they shouldn’t, as “more bacon than the pan can handle.”

    (Mike Doughty gets credit for that line from a song lyric of his, but it’s still fun to say.)

  2. This is hilarious! I make comments to my husband like “don’t they have a friend who will tell them the truth” or “they will regret that in the future” now he’ll say those to me and I’ll look and see above committed fashion crimes! ha ha

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