Another Random Post, brought to you from the sick and tired me!!!!

I’ve been SICK. All week. I haven’t done much of anything, at all. No working out, no playing with the kids, not even really reading… just sleep, sleep, sleeping. Of course, I’ve eaten very little and have lost a little weight, which is good in one respect, but by next week I’ll have packed it all back on.

The girls get out of school June 4th and are very very happy. India successfully made it through the 3rd grade and is feeling pretty damn good about herself right now. Her father is going to continue the whole tutoring thing through the summer, so that should get her a little ahead of the game going into 4th grade. I think next year is going to be a better year for her. India had a pretty spectacular teacher this year, who we are really going to miss. Zoe is just excited about moving up and moving on. She’s ready for a nice change.

Yesterday, the girls were on the news… their school was just chosen as the #1 magnet school in the nation. Pretty exciting. They love their school and will for sure be going back next year. It’s a nice school, fairly new, small class sizes, lots of focus on foreign languages and cultures and very diverse. India’s class size this year was only 15 and Zoe’s was 12. The teachers have more time for individual help and it’s nice to know the girls don’t get lost in the hustle and bustle of 30 some odd kids.

Next week will be a busy one… The girl’s have half a day of school Wednesday and then we are all off Thursday and Friday. Wednesday or Thursday, we are going to visit the lovely Lesley and her beautiful, adorable twins, Heaten and Shenzie. Friday, we are driving out to Pahrump to visit my dad and his wife Kathy. So we will be busy little bees.

Anyway, I’m rambling again… sorry. I’ll try to be around here and there next week.

Have a good one.


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