I ♥ Ira Glass.

Yes, I know, I’m a dork.  I think I’m too old to actually write or type I ♥ anyone.  But whatever.  My husband finds my fascination with Ira Glass absurd, which only makes my prodding and carrying on worse.  Ira Glass isn’t the most handsome man in the world, but he’s interesting and cute, in that Buddy Holly kind of way, and can tell a pretty kick ass story.  So what’s a girl to do? 

Last nights show was pretty great.  I thought it would just be the season premier of their Showtime This American Life series, but it wasn’t.  It was so much better.  It was kind of a behind the scenes look and some insight about how the show comes together.  There were also updates of a couple of the memorable stories from the radio shows.  I think Tony and I have heard every single radio show that Ira Glass has done since he started the radio program.  We normally record them and listen to them over and over on road trips.  Makes the time fly by and we both enjoy them so much.  Anyway, there were a couple of new short stories thrown in the show and some info on what to expect next season.  Overall, really, really good, both Tony and I are now even more excited for Sunday.  The season premier of This American life (this link will take you to the new seasons schedule on Showtime) is Sunday night at 9:30pm on Showtime.  If you have a Tivo, it is worth recording.  If you watch it… come back and tell me what you think.


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