I’m a FAN!!!!

Seriously, a HUGE fan of NPR.  There are programs that I can barely live without…  My most favorite of favorites of favorites is This American Life, hosted by Ira Glass.  I LOVE it.  Seriously, LOVE.  It’s witty, smart, interesting and most of the time very funny.  I’ve actually sat in my drive way longer than necessary just to hear the end of an interesting program.  Once a week you can download one for free… you should give it a shot.  Anyway, the reason this is a topic of conversation…. tonight Tony and I got tickets to watch the Showtime series created about the radio show This American Life (this link will take you the television show) LIVE….  Well it’s a live broadcast and I’m very very very excited.  Ira Glass is pretty damn cool and a great story teller and although he’s married and I’m married, one day we will be together.  hee hee.  He’s not really that good looking, I think it’s his smarts that do it for me.  Anyway, I will report tomorrow on how great it was. 


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