A day late and a dollar short…

I’m still behind on just about everything…  I’m not as tired though, so that’s a bonus.  The girls are getting into the swing of things and so is Tony and we are all liking this change in schedule a little more everyday.  Yesterday, I was ridiculously productive. Which is so very unlike me, but I loved it.  I feel somewhat organized now and see a light at the end of the tunnel.  I still have yet to visit my Lesley poo, as promised, but it’s coming…  (sorry Les, I had to throw the ‘poo’ in there, it made me smile and I knew you would totally roll your eyes at that one.)

New obsession alert!!!!  Michelle is totally and completely to blame for this one.  Well, actually there are a couple she’s to blame for…  but the Gilmore Girls is now at the top of the list, as is Michelle.  I have been spending every waking moment that I possibly can obsessing over that damn show.  LOVE it.  Seriously, I had no idea I would like it as much as I do.  I am now at the end of season 2 and hoping to start and finish seasons 3 and 4 over the weekend.  I’m sure my family is getting annoyed with me at this point and luckily I have Michelle to blame and am refusing to take any personal responsibility for my time locked in my room, wishing I too, lived in Stars Hollow. 

Next week, Tony’s sister is coming to town with her 4 beautiful girls and we can’t wait!!!!  It’s going to be a fun week, busy, but fun.  I’ll post pictures and crap here and there.

I hope everyone has a wonderful, easy-going, weekend.



2 thoughts on “A day late and a dollar short…

  1. First – I love that picture. It is perfect.
    Second – Gilmore Girls – I would NEVER have guessed that!
    Third – I had to laugh at Lesley Poo because I can totally hear you saying it.
    Fourth – I can’t wait to see you!!! Maybe next week after your company leaves?
    Fifth – Glad you’re getting the hang of your new hours.

    Ok, that is all. =)

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