Is it time for vacation yet?

Almost!!!!  We leave next Sunday for San Diego and the countdown has begun!!!!  Zoe and India constantly ask me if it’s almost time to go.  We are in need of a little break.  It’s been a busy and rough few weeks and, dammit it’s time for a relaxing, little bit of fun.

 Zoe is sick today.  She’s been sick a lot lately, poor kid.  Hopefully she will be feeling a-okay by the time we leave. 


 Saturday night we had a little going away party for my boss.  His last day of work was Friday.  Sucks.  We had a good night.  Lots of fun and tears.  Excuse the blurriness, I had a few too many drinks throughout the night and forgot how to focus.

img_1636.jpg img_1689.jpg img_1687.jpg img_1686.jpg img_1678.jpg img_1654.jpg img_1650.jpg img_1648.jpg img_1652.jpg img_1637.jpg img_1662.jpg img_1626.jpg 


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