wEeKeNd CrAzInEsS!

Actually, it was a pretty comfy and relaxed weekend.  But weekend craziness was a much better title and I have no energy to think of another. 

Saturday- Zoe had a soccer game.  It was the first game of the season.  They played well but were really intimidated and you could tell they weren’t really into the swing of things yet. They lost.  The Lady Bugs beat them 1 to 0.

img_1047.jpg img_1126.jpg

Sunday- It was supposed to be an easy-going, not leaving the house kind of day and then the power went out for 3 hours… 3 hours!!!!  We took a nice long walk and it was still dark and dreary… so it was an early dinner out and a trip to Michael’s for something arts and crafty for us all to do.  We ended up really enjoying the afternoon.

img_1324-1.jpg img_1256.jpg img_1224-1.jpg img_1344-2.jpg

img_1285-4.jpg img_1260-2.jpg img_1248-2.jpg



Sorry.  That was the most random, mess of a post yet.  I’m going to bed now.


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