Wrapping Paper Fun


Give a girl some leftover rolls of wrapping paper and look what happens… I was bored.  I’m not sure why I was bored. I constantly have something going on these days, but with the few free minutes I had, this is what I came up with.   


(Les– doesn’t this kind of remind you of our “dress up” shots we used to take when we were in high school… we should so do that again.  Think of the possibilities, we are so much more creative now that we’re old and crusty.)


One thought on “Wrapping Paper Fun

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture! I know, I always die laughing at what we came up with. The “graffiti” closet with the colored flowers taped to it? The tights with cut off shorts and clown shoes. Ahhh, sweet crazy memories!

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