and so it begins…

Spring soccer.  Zoe’s first soccer practice was tonight.  Same team as last season.  She had a great time at practice and cannot wait for the first game, March 1st.  India’s team doesn’t start up again until the fall, so it should be an easier season than the last.  I will post the schedule when we get it, I know my family will want to pop up when they can.

img_0546.jpg  img_0487.jpg  img_0480.jpg

Here’s India goofing around with her camera while Zoe is practicing…

img_0534.jpg  img_0545.jpg


We had a pretty good weekend.  Friday and Saturday, we hung out and played the Wii.  We are all a tad obsessed.  On Sunday, Tony and I celebrated Valentine’s Day.  We went and saw Penn and Teller, ate a great dinner at Buzios and then stayed the night at the Rio.  We really had a lot of fun and it was nice to have a little time alone.  We plan do to that more often, even though as soon as we saw our room we both said, “Man, the girls would LOVE this!”  It was nice to have some time together.

The girls stayed with Grandma and Grandpa and had a BLAST.  They visited a friend that has horses and chickens and dogs and rabbits and…. you know lots of animals.  They went exploring in Boulder City, went to a couple of parks. Took a long walk, that Zoe was not pleased about.  Had dinner at Chuck E Cheese… In other words, I had to practically beg them to come home.  The weekend is now over and back to work and school we go… isn’t there another holiday coming up soon???????


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