Bike Riding- India’s turn


India rode a bike for the 1st time today.  She is a little reluctant to jump on and go, so it was a pretty quick run.  Hopefully, India will get more comfortable soon and she will be able to head on out on her own.  Tony is much better at getting them going than I am.  I sit and panic and wait for someone to break an arm or something.  Thank goodness he has the patience for all of this stuff and me!!!

Zoe on the other hand was zooming around with no problem at all, but this was her second time.  She’s a bit more comfortable with wheels under her feet. 

Here are a few shots of the girls riding around our neighborhood. 

img_9990.jpg  img_9993.jpg  img_9991.jpg

img_9982.jpg  img_9989.jpg



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