A late, very late, Christmas visit.


Today we drove out to Pahrump to visit my dad and step mom to celebrate our late Christmas together.  As usual, the girls had a wonderful time and played and played and ran and ran, until they tired themselves out.  We bought my Dad a Tivo, so Tony set it up and got them going.  In turn, they spoiled the girls with lots of fun stuff that they LOVE and then of course, went overboard with Tony and I.  It was a fun afternoon.

  img_9762.jpg  img_9769.jpg  img_9776.jpg  img_9788.jpg  img_9817.jpg  img_9834.jpg  img_9842.jpg  img_9850.jpg  img_9867-1.jpg  img_9883.jpg

Thanks guys, we will be out again soon.  Love ya!!!


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