Stupid School District

For Christmas the kids get a full 2 weeks off of school.  Which is very nice and a great time for us to be together.  I save vacation time so that the girls get to stay home with me instead of some stupid daycare center.  We are now into the new year, I’m seriously lacking in vacation time, they still haven’t laid me off (dammit), and already there are 3 days that I need to take off because the schools are closed.  Thursday, Jan. 10th parent/teacher conference day, the 21st Martin Luther King Jr’s. Birthday (I totally get that one without gripe) and then the 25th for Staff Development day.  What the hell are they developing??? I mean come on now.  Develope later in the year, when working families have had time to accumulate more vacation time.  Goodness, is that really asking too much!!!!!  The school district really needs to be more sympathetic to working parents… I’m just saying.

Sorry about that, I totally needed to get that off of my chest.


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