Fun Friday

India, Zoe and I spent early Friday with Lesley and her lovely twins, Shenzie and Heaten.  I didn’t take but one picture, we were busy talking what can I say.  Les let me play around with one of her lenses, so I got a really cute shot of Heaten and that was it.  Ofcourse, he is absolutely adorable, so it’s really hard to get a bad shot of him.  Anyway, it was a wonderful morning playing catch up with Lesley and just hanging out.  We hardly ever get to see eachother, so gotta make the most of the time we have.


Friday evening was the annual holiday party and talent show thrown at Earnest and Annette’s lovely home.  It was a great night, each year the party gets better and better.  Kaylee and India told stories, Xavier sang a couple of songs, Sadie read a poem, Elise danced in a princess dress, and there were many other talented and cute kids up on stage dancing, singing, playing recorder…..  As always it was a really fun night and nice to hang out with everyone again. 


img_8897-1.jpg  img_8891.jpg  img_8859.jpg  img_8877.jpg     img_8864.jpg  img_8811.jpg  img_8800.jpg  img_8882.jpg    

img_8834.jpg  img_8896.jpg  img_8843.jpg  img_8826.jpg  img_8853.jpg   img_8899.jpg  img_8872.jpg  img_8823.jpg


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