Zoe’s first field trip…

I volunteered to help out with the 1st grader’s trip to the Natural History Museum today.  Nothing too exciting, we’ve been there several times just the family, but Zoe still had a good time.  It was only about 2 hours of my time and 3 students (including my own) in my charge and then I had the rest of the day on my own.  Overall, it was a nice, easy going, middle of the week, day off.  I can’t complain.

img_7953.jpg img_8010.jpg img_7929.jpg


img_7914.jpg img_7886.jpg img_8031.jpg

Afterward, I went and saw that Will Smith movie, I am Legend.  Intense.  I mean really really intense.  That’s all I can really say…. WOW.  I had a gigantic headache when I left the theatre, because I was all tensed up and jaw clenched the entire movie.  It was good, but I will never watch it again.  All that and it actually made me cry.  I hate crying over movies, how retarded is that? 

Happy Birthday, Mom!!!!


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