Busy, Busy December

December 3rd was my nephew, Aiden’s 2nd Birthday, the 4th was mine and my step mom’s birthdays. We have just been busy every day since.  Just one thing after another.  We are puppysitting my sister’s cute cute cute puppy Rex.  She’ll be lucky if I give him back, he is too adorable.  We are tired and starting to get a bit burnt out.  In the past two weeks our dishwasher and dryer broke…  too much going on for that to occur right now.  My mom and dad’s anniversary is Tuesday, the 11th and then my mom’s birthday is the 18th!!!!  I can’t wait for this month to end!!!!

Aiden’s 2nd Birthday Party

img_7196.jpg   img_7139.jpg  

img_7148.jpg   img_7127.jpg

Rex the cute cute puppy

img_7396-1.jpg   img_7328.jpg  

img_7392.jpg   img_7325.jpg

 Zoe and I goofing around with Christmas Crap!!!


img_7531-1.jpg   img_7503.jpg   img_7520-1.jpg

Happy 33rd Birthday to me

We went out for sushi and discussed the camera lens I am buying next, because ofcourse that is the absolute only thing that I want for my birthday!!!!  Overall it was a pretty good day.  The girls put together presents that they picked out by themselves, it was really cute!  I loved everything.  They are so amazing!  I’m pretty damn lucky.    Self portrait, documenting the aging process!!! (Les- pretty decent job on the lighting, huh?  First time in quite awhile really messing with my lights.  I need to practice with them a bit!)



3 thoughts on “Busy, Busy December

  1. That looks awesome!!! What lens are you getting?!?!?!? I’m so excited for you!! I’m scared to even attempt lights yet..well, I guess first I need some lights. Hardy har har! I’m looking at getting a backdrop and portable system…any recommendations?

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