Happy 7th Birthday Zoe Marie!


7 years old.  Can you believe it?  Me neither.  These little eyes are 7 years old today.  These little eyes melt my heart on a daily basis. She is such a sweet, lovey dovey, teddy bear and such a good girl with a gigantic heart.  It blows me away that we are even related!!!  I’m the lucky one for sure.

Today she is bringing blueberry muffins for her class (she doesn’t have a sweet tooth, no frosting of any kind for her.)  She, of course, has chosen sushi for her special dinner.  We went to Knott’s Berry Farm a couple of weeks ago to celebrate both her and India’s (Nov. 6th) birthdays, so no big party this year.  But Zoe is fine and happy with that.  They had a blast at the park and she’s such a homebody that this works perfect for her.

Happy Birthday My Little Bug!!!

img_6151.jpg         img_6153.jpg


One thought on “Happy 7th Birthday Zoe Marie!

  1. Happy Birthday Zoe!!! Girl, do you feel old or what?!?!?! A 9 and 7 year old…and a birthday for you soon!!! Good thing you look so damn good! Not 33 at all….hahahahah. (I can talk smack because I’m right behind you). =)

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