Long wonderful weekend…

We did a lot of sitting around, enjoying the time this weekend.  No soccer.  Just Thanksgiving on Thursday with my family and then Saturday we went out to Pahrump to see my dad.  It’s been relaxing and easy.  I can’t complain.  I of course I don’t want to work tomorrow, but it won’t be so bad as I am completely calm and rested.  Lovely.  It’s going to suck not having the girls with me, we have had a lot of fun together.  It is what it is.  Back to school and back to work.  I have the week of Christmas and the week after off with them, so I always have that to look forward to.  The shots below were taken randomly this weekend. 


img_6048.jpg     img_6047.jpg     img_6044.jpg

img_6059.jpg     img_6067.jpg

Random at Home Crap

img_5996.jpg     img_5974.jpg

img_6077.jpg     img_5981.jpg


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