Happy Thanksgiving

We had a nice, easygoing evening.  We hung out with the family and ate too much food and discussed Carrie’s upcoming (Dec.1st) wedding. I didn’t really get any good shots.  I think I took a total of 4 and they were all crappy.  I’m trying to get a  good TTV shot, but so far nothing.  They all come out pretty crapppppppy.  But anyway, it was a nice day, Tony and the kids crashed early and left me with a little Denise time (I was totally grateful for that.)  Very nice!!!! 

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  It’s nice to stop and look around at my family and friends and remember just what joy and happiness that they have brought to my life.  This year has been a pretty good one for us and I am so thankful to those who have shared their time and their friendship so willingly.  I’m grateful for those 2 beautiful girls, pictured below, my wonderful husband, my parents and sisters.  I’m grateful and lucky to have reconnected with my dad and step mom and the girls get the opportunity to know and love them as I do.  I’m grateful for all the animals, the zoo, that share our home with us.  I’m grateful that we are all healthy and happy and I look forward to this next year and all the time I’ll get to share with those I love.

 Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


img_6011.jpg     img_6020.jpg

I made these really yummy Lemon Drop cookies….  You should give them a shot, they were so good and a big hit with the group tonight.

8 cups flour
8 tsps baking powder
1 ½ cups sugar
6 eggs
1 cup Crisco
1 cup whole milk (for last!)
4 ½ tbs lemon extract (1 bottle)

16 oz confectionary sugar
Lemon extract however much you like, to taste

1. Beat with mixer: eggs, sugar, extract, & Crisco
2. Combine all dry ingredients
3. Add wet and dry together – mix with hands
4. Add the MILK and mix in slowly with hands until dough is smooth and easy to work with (may or may not need whole cup of milk)
5. Shape and bake at 350 until done, approx.10 minutes. Check them and make sure they don’t get too brown and overcook, they’ll be hard.

For Icing
1. Pour extract into the sugar and then add small amount of milk as needed, (the less used the thicker the icing). Add a little and stir as you go.
2. Dip the top of the cookie in icing. Let dry on wax paper. 



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